Meet Our Teachers

All of our head teachers hold their Montessori certification. They are carefully chosen for their educational background, experience, and ability to foster positive communication skills in young children.  The most important aspect of the Montessori training is observation and record keeping, in order to determine each child's specific needs and learning styles.  In addition to our regular staff, we have specialists teach workshops throughout the year included experts in: Spanish Art, Music, Science, Storytelling and more.

Teachers at our school are specially trained to direct each child’s interests and needs. Trained to recognize periods of readiness, the teacher observes and documents each child’s progress. When a child has mastered a subject, it is the teacher who guides the child toward the materials, which will encourage the development of advanced or new skills. As a result, the children grow as their interests lead then to greater challenges.


Gail bannon

What makes you joyful? "I love the arts, and integrating art and literacy into the Montessori classroom, and teaching the kindergarten art program keeps my creativity alive. I enjoy designing classroom environments that enrich, educate, and instill a love of learning and wonder at a young age. Having my family around my table, going on a long bike ride, being at the beach, reading a good book and cooking for friends and family are all things I love outside the classroom.


Gayle Sicco

What inspires you in the classroom? "Everyday is a new day, it is the opportunity to learn something new, to encourage the love of learning and to light a fire within. I love watching the children as they become the elders of the classroom, by sharing and teaching the younger children, they are learning to care about others and how they can make a difference in someone else’s life. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi"


Cindy Hudson

What makes you joyful? "Moments that bring me joy outside of the school setting are watching my children pursue their passions, the anticipation of game day and watching the Patriots, the sound of thunder and rain, soup on a cold day (any day is really a good day), coming home to my cats waiting in the yard and my energetic four year old “puppy” greeting me at the door."


Julia Salizzoni

What makes you joyful? “I love the excitement in a child’s eyes when they’re seeing something with wonder for the first time. We take for granted something so common what they fine completely magical. Like what makes a rainbow or closing their eyes and simply listening to all the little sounds around them.
My greatest excitement (of course) is time spent with my family when we are all finally together and laughing so hard that we can hardly breathe. It can be something one of us just did, or the realization the lyrics I just sang were completely off.”


Jessica Ozner

What makes me joyful? “I am thankful that many simple things make me joyful. I love a good cup of iced coffee on a hot (or cold) day. I am joyful when my husband and I spend time together doing anything at all. My favorite thing is the greeting I always get from my black lab mix, Matilda, when I come home. I love playing with her and watching her when she gets to run fast. Being at the beach is another thing that makes me joyful.”