June -July Schedule 2019

The extended year is a continuation of the school year, in keeping with the Montessori curriculum and regular scheduled hours and day. There are two, 2 week sessions that you can sign up for, with an Art Camp during the last week of June.

Extended Year- May 28-June7, June 10-21 (same schedule as during the school year)

Art Camp- June 24-28. During this fun week will explore all kids of art mediums. We will work with clay, paint, and natural materials to create recycled robots, cyanotype sun prints, crazy hats, super sized insects and more!

Orientation Camp- New Students- July 8-11 from 9-11am- This week is for children who will be new to Bedford Montessori in the fall. It is a small window into what a school routine will be like as they learn the ground rules and how to function in a Montessori classroom. It is also is an opportunity for us as teachers to get to know your child before September rolls around.

Culinary Week- July 15th- 19 from 9-1pm. Children love to help prepare food, and will often eat it if they are involved in that preparation themselves. We will prepare our lunch each day. Fruit pizza, rainbow grilled cheese (with natural food dyes), smoothies, healthy popsicles and tacos are just a few ideas on the menu. We will talk about what foods our bodies need, and incorporate grace and courtesy as learn about how to set a table and serve our friends.

Summer Program

The summer program enables those children currently enrolled during the school year the opportunity to continue their daily routines with their classmates.  We encourage summer enrollment for the new student entering in the fall, it provides a good introduction to the school and their new classmates, and makes their adjustment to school a bit easier.