Preschool Program



is my child a fit for this Program?

The preschool child enters the school at around 3 years of age and may start as early as 2 years 10 months. An informal interview will be set up during the summer months in order to determine a child’s readiness. 


What will they focus on learning?

During the first year (around three years old), your child will explore an enriched curriculum in Practical Life, Math, Geography , Science, and Sensorial lessons where they lay down the foundation for the next several years. Your child will develop basic life skills of concentration, order, and coordination. Language on the preschool level, is a natural extension of the patterns of communication that have already been absorbed. Through every conversation, every book read aloud, every new word that is taught, the Montessori student is learning language, and thus, learning to read. Using a multi sensory approach, the use of the sandpaper letters reinforce the sound that each letter makes. Once a child has mastered the sounds they are ready to begin building words. At the same time the child is also developing the hand in preparation for writing which is a direct preparation for reading. In our small classroom community he/she will begin to take care of their environment by cleaning up after snack and returning tools and materials to their original place on the shelf. Students will focus on learning the language for "expected social interactions by learning how to take turns and develop other group skills.


What will their schedule look like?

We offer two preschool programs and an optional extended day session.The preschool morning program runs Monday through Friday 8:30-11:30. The preschool afternoon program runs from Tuesday through Thursday 11:30-2:30. Children who are ready, usually around age four, may join the extended day program Monday through Thursday till 2:30 and Fridays till 11:30.

Art and Science Mondays- Open to all preschool children the art and science program is a program designed to introduce a longer day once a week till 2:30. The children bring their lunch and an art or science lesson is presented to the group with the hands-on activity being available to the children throughout the day.