Classes include curriculum from language, geography, science, sensorial, and mathematics to art and outdoor play. Weekly American Sign Language, Yoga and Music classes are included.  We use materials that represent meaningful work, and are applied to virtually all areas of our curriculum. 

Practical Life

It is in this area of the classroom that children learn to care for themselves and their environment. Activities involve the child in physical skills, grace and courtesy. Exercises are geared to develop coordination, concentration, order, and independence. Peer problem solving techniques are also introduced.


Children develop the ability to distinguish, categorize, and compare new information to that which they already know. The materials isolate qualities such as color, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell.


A strong phonics approach is presented using the Montessori sandpaper letters and oral language activities. The moveable alphabet allows the child to build words, compose sentences and stories. Parts of speech and puzzle words introduce children to reading.


Children discover the basic operations of math by manipulating a variety of concrete Montessori math materials which lead them to more abstract discoveries. Children are able to work with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the manipulatives from the decimal system. Geometry, fractions, the stamp game, and multiplication board are other hands on materials that promote the transition from concrete to abstraction.


Puzzle maps of the world, each continent, and the countries within them are used to illustrate geological facts, relationships, and products. Unit studies on specific countries are studied in depth with activities and group discussions about people, cultures, food, climate, wildlife etc.


Children explore hands on activities and experiments involving physical and life sciences, ecology, earth science, space, biology, study of animals, insects, and rocks and minerals.

Social Graces and Courtesy

Part of the Montessori philosophy is to instill a sense of respect for each other and the materials in our classroom. “Thank you”, “Please”, “shaking hands”, and having eye contact when making new introductions soon become part of their everyday social interactions.

Art, Music and Creative Movement

Children create works using clay, watercolors, collages, and originate other works using a variety of other mediums. We study about Artists and Musicians and design activities to supplement these areas of study. Formal Music and Spanish classes are conducted once a week for a half hour each as part of the yearly curriculum.

Outdoor Play

We enjoy our outdoor playground every day throughout the seasons weather permitting. We take part in nature hikes, gardening, outdoor games and picnics.