Summer Camp

art out frontThe summer program enables those children currently enrolled during the school year the opportunity to continue their daily routines with their classmates.  We encourage summer enrollment for the new student entering in the fall, it provides a good introduction to the school and their new classmates, and makes their adjustment to school a bit easier.

We encourage all new students who will be joining us in the fall, to attend the Orientation Camp in order to help better prepare them for upcoming school year. The orientation program gives incoming students a sense of what a typical school day is like. We will go over the ground rules, present materials and work in the classroom. Registration for all camps is due back on or before April 15th. Tuition is to be paid in full the first day of each week. Enrollment is limited for the regular camp weeks.

Summer 2016 Schedule: 

July 5-8
Orientation - New Students - We would like to have all new students entering school in the fall attended this summer camp. This is a great introduction to the Montessori classroom as they learn ground rules and work with hands on activities that encourage independence. This week is most beneficial in helping children become familiar with the school routine, making September adjustment a lot smoother.
July 11-14
Boom, Boom, Boom Pop! - All Students - Balloons, bubbles, and popcorn are on this weeks list of fun! We will play balloon tennis, make art with bubble blowing, paint balloon bowls and add our favorite seasonings to a yummy popcorn snack!
July 18-21
It's Crazy Color Week! - All Students - We will explore color through stories, games, music, and art! Painted rocks, silly hats and feasting on rainbow spaghetti will be among the activities this week.
July 25-28
Let's Launch It! - All Students - How high will it go? How far will it travel? How fast will it get there? Let’s find out when we send things flying this week. Things we will be sending into orbit are: soda, seeds, marshmallows, and painted frogs!
August 1-4
Backyard Beach Week - All Students - Wear your bathing suit and keep cool in the summer heat with water games and sprinkler fun. We are building sand castles, painting seashells and making popsicles.
August 8-11
Anything Goes - All Students - This week we will be designing our own t-shirts. (please bring a white one from home). We will make recycled garden pots and bottle cap art. The week ends with a bear hunt and ice cream sundaes.

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