Our Staff


All of our head teachers hold their Montessori certification. They are carefully chosen for their educational background, experience, and ability to foster positive communication skills in young children.  The most important aspect of the Montessori training is observation and record keeping, in order to determine each child's specific needs and learning styles.  We also welcome teaching assistants to our classroom, who provide additional teacher and student support.


In addition to our regular staff we have specialists come to the school throughout the year. All classes have Spanish once a week, kindergarten twice a week. Kindergarten has an extensive art program with an art show in April. Morning classes have a music program once a week from the Manchester Comunity School Of Music.  Audubon Science Center, Storytellers, Puppeteers, Magic Shows and other programs and performers visit our school for in-house field trips. 

The Student Teacher Relationship

Teachers at our school are specially trained to direct each child’s interests and needs. Trained to recognize periods of readiness, the teacher observes and documents each child’s progress. When a child has mastered a subject, it is the teacher who guides the child toward the materials, which will encourage the development of advanced or new skills. As a result, the children grow as their interests lead then to greater challenges.