Our Staff


All of our head teachers hold their Montessori certification. They are carefully chosen for their educational background, experience, and ability to foster positive communication skills in young children.  The most important aspect of the Montessori training is observation and record keeping, in order to determine each child's specific needs and learning styles.  We also welcome teaching assistants to our classroom, who provide additional teacher and student support.


In addition to our regular staff we have specialists come to the school throughout the year. All classes have Spanish once a week. Kindergarten has an extensive art program with an art show in April. Morning classes have a music program once a week from the Manchester Comunity School Of Music.  Audubon Science Center, Storytellers, Puppeteers, Magic Shows and other programs and performers visit our school for in-house field trips. 

The Student Teacher Relationship

Teachers at our school are specially trained to direct each child’s interests and needs. Trained to recognize periods of readiness, the teacher observes and documents each child’s progress. When a child has mastered a subject, it is the teacher who guides the child toward the materials, which will encourage the development of advanced or new skills. As a result, the children grow as their interests lead then to greater challenges.


A little bit more about us...

Meet Gail Bannon:

What do you love about being a director/teacher of Bedford Montessori? I enjoy working with parents to develop common goals that strengthen relationships between home and school. Nurturing and supporting the staff is incredibly important to me as they are an invaluable asset to a successful school community. 

What makes you joyful? I love the arts, and integrating art and literacy into the montessori classroom, and teaching the kindergarten art program keeps my creativity alive. I enjoy designing classroom environments that enrich, educate, and instill a love of learning and wonder at a young age. Having my family around my table, going on a long bike ride, walking the beach, and reading next to my miniature  schnauzer  Max makes me very happy!

What inspires you in the classroom? Being with the children and observing and listening to what they are interested inspires me to create activities around their interests. I am passionate about working with the 3-6 age and to be apart of their early educational path. Even after teaching for over thirty years I am continual amazed by how quickly children absorb new concepts and how important it is to meet the needs of children with different learning styles. I also enjoy working with interns who come in with such enthusiasm for learning more about Montessori as they begin to embark on their teaching career

Meet Gayle Sicco: 
What do you love about being a teacher? I love helping children as they discover the world around them through their natural inquisitiveness. I love being able to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment, in which they can discover their potential. Where they learn to value themselves and care about our world and our future. To a child the world is new and everything in it is full of possibility. Whether it is sharing a book, learning about animals, volcanoes, or even tasting a green apple for the first time. I love that everyday I am able to share their sense of wonder and joy and look at the world through the eyes of a child. I get to do this everyday and it keeps me young.
What makes you joyful? Sunshine and music. Being with my family and friends. Traveling and exploring new places around the world. Escaping to the great outdoors. Playing in my garden and sampling the bounty. Winters without snow!!!
What inspires you in the classroom? Everyday is a new day, it is the opportunity to learn something new, to encourage the love of learning and to light a fire within. I love watching the children as they become the elders of the classroom, by sharing and teaching the younger children, they are learning to care about others and how they can make a difference in someone else’s life. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi
Meet Linda Tirrell:
What do you love about being a teacher? I love introducing new wonders to children while guiding them in their exploration of the world around them.  I love being invited into a child's world and witnessing the thrill of his or her discovery.  I admire the glowing spirit within each child.

What makes you joyful? What makes me joyful in the classroom is seeing the growth and development of the children with each and every step they take, no matter how great or small, as they beam with pride and accomplishment. What makes me joyful as a person is being immersed in and observing nature, whether in the forest, in the mountains, at the ocean, or in my own back yard; the quiet, peace and solitude of the wilderness; being with and doing things for those close to me.

What inspires you in the classroom? I am inspired by the children's wonderment,  their joy of learning and their thirst for knowledge.
Meet Jen Riley:
What do you love about being a teacher? I love working with children and seeing them learn new things and start to really develop a love of learning. I love their enthusiasm and the way they see things in the world. Since I was in kindergarten I always wanted to be a teacher. Now I have the opportunity to do that.
What makes you joyful? I truly find joy in making others happy. I love positivity and humor. Working with children allows me to fill a lifelong dream and to utilize all the things that make me a joyful person.
What inspires you in the classroom? I am inspired daily by seeing children grow not only physically but emotionally, academically, and socially. I also love when a parent or child expresses their excitement or happiness with their experience in our classroom. 
Meet Cindy Hudson:

What do you love about being a teacher? I love watching the different personalities in our classroom and how they interact with each other and with the materials. As a teacher, my role is to foster those connections. It’s rewarding to see the friendships that blossom and the discoveries that are made throughout the year. The sound of laughter or an “I did it!” make my day!

What makes you joyful? Moments that bring me joy outside of the school setting are watching my children pursue their passions, the anticipation of game day and watching the Patriots, the sound of thunder and rain, soup on a cold day (any day is really a good day), coming home to my cats waiting in the yard and my energetic four year old “puppy” greeting me at the door.

What inspires you in the classroom? I find the unbridled enthusiasm of children to be inspirational. Some children want to try everything immediately, while others are curious observers, watching and learning before jumping in. I think there’s a lesson there for all of us. Sometimes we should just try something new and see what happens. Other times, we need a reminder to wait patiently and learn from the moment.